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The Leg Elevation Pillow

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5 reviews for The Leg Elevation Pillow

  1. Alaica

    Important note: “Cover” does not mean “pillow case” – it just comes with a removable cover that’s basically part of the pillow. You must buy a pillowcase separately if you want one. The only one I could find was a little too big for the pillow, but it works fine.

    I originally purchased one of these pillows so that I could set it upright against my headboard so I could lean on it while watching TV, reading, working, etc. Paired with a regular pillow for extra support, it works really well. You can sit at a variety of angles and still be comfortable. I initially purchased one to see how it worked, and ended up letting my husband sleep on it to see if it helped his snoring. It did! He snores SO LOUD and has sleep apnea, but when he slept on this, he didn’t snore at all. At all! There are some nights where he sacks out so hard that he still snores a little, but even then, it’s much quieter. I ended up ordering a second one so that we each have one both for sitting up in bed and for him to sleep on. It also works well to elevate my leg when icing it for chronic pain and other health issues.

  2. Laura C.

    This wedge pillow is very well constructed and comfortable. It provides a perfect incline. It is soft memory foam for comfort but firm enough it gives the necessary support. I use it to help alleviate GERD. I’m not a back sleeper but it’s necessary if I am having reflux. I tried piling pillows in the bed to elevate my upper body and it was ineffective. This wedge is firm but comfortable, and long so I get the right angle to my body. It is long enough and wide enough to fully support my upper body. It supports me from the waist up and not just my neck and shoulders which would be uncomfortable and ineffective. I add a bed pillow for under my head so I’m not lying completely flat on the incline which I find uncomfortable. I like this because I can elevate my upper body without needing an adjustable electric bed frame. I can use this & it doesn’t impact my husband’s sleeping comfort. It would also be comfortable if you like reading in bed or watching TV. It adds a little extra comfort.

  3. L. Theobald

    I wanted to kill my husband because he wouldn’t stop snoring. Even with a mouthguard to prevent it. We shopped at a split bed that would bring him at an incline, but at almost $5,000 I wanted to see if being elevated would even stop him from snoring. Snoring. I will say that this has reduced his snoring by 90%. He says it’s pretty comfortable and sleeps on his side and back. Just wish that there was a cover for it because if you have a normal footage sheet, it’s not going to fit over it.v

  4. J Stroud

    Absolutely love this. It provides so much support and is very, very comfortable. I have tried several other items similar to this and none provided the support that this does. The first night using it was the best night sleep and the best next day I had in a very long time. It worked so well my husband noticed how much better i felt after using it that he wanted one. So, I ordered another for him to use. The money spent on this was the best money I have spent in a long time.

  5. Shelley Worcester

    I got this wedge pillow for sleeping after my breast augmentation as I needed to be on my back and slightly elevated. I did not measure it beforehand and was surprised at how much of the bed it took up. However, I see this as a positive because I’m able to move around without rolling off of it. In terms of firmness it’s more on the firm side but not so much so that it feels stiff. Oddly my cats really seem to like sleeping on it, and since it’s so huge they’re able to sleep at the very top without interfering with my sleep. I’ve found that I like it so much I might just continue to sleep on it after I’m fully recovered.

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