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Smart Hot Compress Knee Relaxing Massager Kneecap

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We were introducing our NEWEST addition to our HEALTHCARE COLLECTIONS – Smart Hot Compress Knee Relaxing Massager Kneecap!

Our Smart Hot Compress Knee Relaxing Massager Kneecap is created for pain and discomfort relief, and to enjoy a comfortable massage after a long day. This knee massager has 3 vibration modes, from low, and high to automated switching. Three heating modes, from a low setting of 105°F, a medium of 122°F, to a high heating level of up to 140°F, and all with the extra benefit of switchable infrared and laser lighting.

The enclosed detailed user manual with larger text and explanatory drawings makes the unit a charm to operate. A separate Quick Start Guide helps you start massaging and relieving pains in no time!


This Smart Hot Compress Knee Relaxing Massager Kneecap combines vibration massage and far-infrared heat therapy perfectly, heat and massage functions can work together or separately. Helps to relax the knees, relieve muscle tension, stimulate blood circulation, promote metabolism, improve muscle tissue stiffness, and reduce knee rheumatic arthritis knee pain, and joint inflammation. Keep knee warm in seconds, and further relieve muscle soreness and cramps.


1. 4 in 1 knee massager.
Vibration, heating, infrared, and laser are combined to provide relief for the knees, draining their effusion and rejuvenating them.
2. Infrared and laser irradiation.
The dual light sources can reach deep layers of the knee to promote blood circulation, relieve stiffness and increase vitality.
3. Uniform Hot Compress.
Can generate uniform heat to activate multiple key joint nodes and dispel coldness, thus achieving a comprehensive effect.
4. High-frequency Vibration.
Can simulate human message by performing an all-round massage to the knees. It effectively releases pressure.
5. Convenient to use.
It features an enlarged LED screen, wireless design, 100% knee fitting contour, Type-C port, adjustable velcro, and explicit indicator.


Item Type: Smart Knee Relaxation Massager
Color: White
Rated Voltage:3.7V
Input Current:DC 5V=2A
Battery Capacity:3000mAh
Charging Time:3-4Hours
Continuous working time:1-2Hours

1*Main Machine
1*USB Cord

1. Fasten the product around a knee.
2. Long press the power button to enter auto mode.
3. Short press to turn on/off infrared or laser.
4. Short press the vibration button to adjust intensity.
5. Short press the heating button to adjust the temperature.
Note: The machine will auto-off after 2 minutes inoperation.

Reviews (6)

6 reviews for Smart Hot Compress Knee Relaxing Massager Kneecap

  1. Jan Bradley

    I have bone on bone pain. I’m signed up for knee replacement end of September- I got a shot of cortisone in my knee to help me with the pain 2 months ago. The shot didn’t work. I still had really bad knee pain limiting how many steps (2,000) I could take a day with a lot of knee pain while sleeping at night. I thought I’d take a chance and order the Forthiq Knee Machine – anything that might help. Well the knee machine was a miracle! I started right away using it 3 times a day on the regular 10 minute cycle. Just in a few days my knee was feeling better- by the end of the 1st week my knee was so much better 3,000 + steps a day and not pain. By the end of the second week I was walking up and down steps! Not one-step at time, the way I had been doing for months- I could actually walk up and down steps- and NO PAIN! I told everyone about how the Forthiq Knee Machine changed my life – Our daughter and daughter in law both got one. Same miracle knee experience- Our daughter in law took it to work and 3 of her co-workers bought one after trying it! The Knee Machine is simply amazing!!!!! We went to a Luau – and I danced the night away – couldn’t believe I could move around fast dancing with no knee pain- and I felt great the next day.
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    Jan Bradley

  2. melissa henry

    I bout one of these wanted to wait alil while to leave a review to see how it worked . I am thrilled to say this is truly a miracle. I have been using this for a few weeks an in the first week I noticed it working an by the end of the second week my knees felt great . I love the auto timer ik I have used the correct amount of time I do the same on both knees . The massager feels so good , I have not been able to put the heat up the whole way gets to hot . I will definitely recommend to friends. I don’t want knee replacement an this is working great !!!!
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    melissa henry

  3. Joyce E.

    I am so amazed how wonderful this product works. I know that I have bone on bone in my knees but do not want to have knee surgery. I’ve been using this product since January and evern took it with me on vacation. What a life saver. Recently, it stopped working. It would not hold the charge. I read some bad reviews and thought I was out of luck. I decided to try to contact the company. I was contacted right away and they snt me a new unit. In this day and age, it great to find a company who is going to honor their product. I will certainly but from this company again.

    Joyce E.

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  4. Julie Sanders

    I love this!!! Need my second knee replacement but just not able to at the moment. This thing is a life saver!!!

  5. Cathy

    I am so glad I purchased this knee massager. I’ve been using it for a week 3xday for 10 minutes on each knee. Using it on auto with the heat on medium brings great relief to my bone on bone knee pain It has totally taken away that burning, stinging pain in my knee! I would have given it 5 stars if the battery life was longer Using it 3 x daily on each knee it needs charged every two days and it takes about 5 hours to fully charge I’ll deal with charging the battery for the relief!
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  6. Vincent D Rone

    After a few days of use I can detect a slight improvement in mobility and reduction of pain. Device does feel good on the knee, quite soothing. Very easy to operate and all features work as stated although I use the massage feature primarily. This device along with rest, ice, compression and elevation should help my damaged meniscus.

    Update 9/16/2023:
    Wound up returning the item as the damage to the medial portion of the meniscus was worse than expected. The product did not cover the affected area enough to justify keeping. Product was good for what it did but not for my case.
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    Vincent D Rone

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