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Shiatsu Pillow Massager with Heat for Home Car

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A Convenient Way to Relieve Stress & Pain! Fight Headaches, Migraines, Neck Pain!¬†ūüíÜ‚Äć‚ôÄÔłŹ

The 8 Head Magic Shiatsu Pillow Massager  is an easy, perfect way to relax, release tension in your muscles, and reduce pain. You can use it anytime, anywhere, and receive a spa-like massage. At home or even in your car (works with any outlet at home and includes a car charger). No need to leave the house.

The electric massager fits perfectly for your neck, cervical, shoulder, upper and lower back, lumbar, abdomen, calf, and thighs.

The Pillow Massager uses¬†rollers with a rotating action, its snugly fitting area¬†will improve blood circulation and re-oxygenate tensed muscles.¬†Simply plug in your Pillow Massager, choose your preferred speed, and you’re ready to relax.


  • Relieves Sore Muscles.¬†Powerful 3-Dimension Deep-Kneading Shiatsu Massage Nodes relax overused and tight muscles (automatically changes direction every minute); The advanced heating function soothes aching muscles and can be turned on & off.

  • Versatile.¬†The¬†ergonomic and compact pillow massager fits perfectly behind neck and body contours of lower- & upper-back, abdomen, calf, and thigh areas. Light and easy to take anywhere you want.

  • Full-Body Decompression Massage.¬†Get a massage therapist worthy massage without having to leave the comfort and safety of your home.

  • Safe To Use.¬†When the massager exceeds working temperature, the safety device will automatically¬†stop the motor to ensure user’s safety and prevent damage to the unit.

  • Proven Technique:¬†This is a Shiatsu Pillow Massager. In Japanese tradition, Shiatsu is a technique that involves manual pressure applied to specific points on the body in an attempt to relieve tension and pain. According to the Japanese healing treatment, Shiatsu (meaning “finger pressure”) massage uses thumbs, fingers, elbows, and knees to concentrate pressure at certain energy pathways in the body called meridians.¬†The massage also known as acupressure reduces muscle tension and fatigue and is thought to improve blood circulation in the body as well as improve function of the lymphatic system.

Package includes:

  • 1 √ó¬†Pillow Massager (8 head, newest model, brown/bronze, two buttons, three magnets)

  • 1 √ó Power Cord for Home Use

  • 1 √ó Power Cord for¬†Car Use

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Additional information

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EU Plug


8 head brown

Reviews (4)

4 reviews for Shiatsu Pillow Massager with Heat for Home Car

  1. BLase

    I get massages for medical purposes. My masseuse went on holiday, and I was in a bit of a bind. Enter this do-hicky.

    I used it in all of my problem areas last night. It hurt JUST LIKE my masseuse.
    The amount of pressure it can handle (as far as pressing down on it with a back or leg or other part) is impressive. I haven’t had an issue with it stopping because of the pressure yet – and I gave it some pretty decent test scenarios. Not sure I would try standing on it, though. ūüėČ
    The next day, my body hurts – JUST LIKE my masseuse makes me feel. But my problem areas are gone.

    Maybe it’s not for you. But for this price, if you have to pay for a masseuse on a regular basis and want a POSSIBLE cheaper alternative, isn’t it worth at least a try?

    I’m certainly I glad I hit the Buy button on this one.

  2. Gregory OR

    First off, I have never used one of these “kneading”, Shiatsu massagers before, so my review isn’t really comparing this to others on the market.

    Effectiveness: I love it. I bought it to deal with lower back pain, and have been using it about 4 hours a day, for almost a week. The pain is going away slowly, due to my combo of chiropractor, ibuprofen, stretching, changing position every 20 minutes and this massager. So while I can’t isolate its impact on my recovery, it feels wonderful while I’m using it, and other areas that are habitually tight, are feeling much looser. I imagine that I will probably use this thing daily until it wears out.

  3. Cynthia Trope

    By far this is one of my favorite things I have ever ordered, definitely didn’t disappoint; it is great!; I have a job that I stand all day, walking lifting items; I spend my spare time in the gym or doing pilates/hot yoga; I also need to drive a good distance daily; this item is a really great investment; the massage is strong the heat just adds to the overall experience; plus it’s universal it can be placed wherever you need: I can use it in my favorite chair or in bed while watching TV placed on my pillow, lower back; has helped with sore back issues; headaches; a real smart choice; definitely glad that I made this investment for myself; I wish I could give as gifts to the people on my shopping list for Christmas; it will be a useful idea to remember when
    birthdays come around. Definitely worth it;

  4. commorancy

    I have no problems with the build quality on this Shiatsu rotating knob massager. I have only owned it for a short time, so I’ll need to use it a bit longer to determine its overall durability and longevity. I’ve already used it for a deep kneading tissue massage and so far it works as well as one could hope for this purpose. With that said, its features could be improved.

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