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Professional Electric Rechargeable Foot File Callus Remover

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New Electric Foot File Portable Pedicure Tools Dead Skin Callus Remover Three-Speed Adjustment Pedicure Machine Foot Care Tool

Product description Material: Plastic ABS Color: blue, white Powerful, safe, fast and efficient foot repair tool to solve embarrassing foot problems. Without foot spa, it can bring you exquisite heel and beautiful foot. It is the ideal choice to seek safety professional to remove dead skin at home. All materials are environmentally friendly and meet 100% natural standards. This is the best gift for your loved one. Take good care of her / his skin. Packing list 1x electric foot grinder 1x USB 2x grinding head

Reviews (5)

5 reviews for Professional Electric Rechargeable Foot File Callus Remover

  1. Dhruv Weaver

    This is a great callous remover. I spend a lot of time barefoot on my cement patio and have ignored my feet for way too long. At this point I had given up hope but saw this and thought it was at least worth trying. It did take some getting used to but once I got the hang of it, it worked great. If you press too hard it won’t spin and too light and it doesn’t do anything or wants to spin right off the curve of your foot. Find the right pressure and it works like a charm. It has 2 speeds and the head spins really fast and I like that you get 3 options for the pads.

    I used it after my shower so my feet were soft and it got rid of even the worst of my callouses on my heals. I might try it in the shower next time though because it definitely left a pile of shavings. I had put a towel down but it’s so powdery it still didn’t catch it all. I’ve tried manual callous removers in the past and they just couldn’t come close to really removing mine and this one worked wonders.

  2. Shauna Hodge

    This foot scrubber actually works pretty good. My heels and bottoms of my feet stay dry and this foot file callus remover removed a lot of the dry dead skin and did not leave my feet hurting.
    My feet felt smooth and soft!
    Easy to understand and use. Easy to hold and a great value for your money.

  3. Josiah Vazquez

    First, I had trouble getting the battery cover off. Then, I had trouble getting the batteries to fit in their compartment. It was a super tight fit! I did eventually get them to go in, but I’ve never had trouble getting batteries to fit in an item before so it was odd. Once I got past the battery drama, the item does work. The light is a nice touch! It isn’t super powerful, but works just fine for a light filing, you just can’t push down on it hard. Comes with three different heads to change out and a cover. It’s not a bad buy, just not a top notch product.

  4. Skyla Mendoza

    Very powerful and ergonomic. I like it so much.

  5. Mariah Sampson

    This is a decent budget friendly callus remover. There are pros and cons. It runs on 2 AA batteries (not included) which makes it easy to replace and requires no charging up to use, but it also means as the batteries get weak the slightest pressure might stop the rotation. It comes with a total of 3 grinder attachments for different levels of smoothing. Those options are wonderful and they are easy to switch out, but they attach with rather flimsy plastic so you will have to be super careful when you switch them out. It is also pretty noisy but you just have to put up with the squeal for a short time so that is not a deal breaker. There are a couple cleaning brushes included but there is no bag provided to house the extra heads or the brushes. Overall, it is a decent little callus remover that is very budget friendly.

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