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Portable Oxygen Concentrator Machine Generator

(4 customer reviews)

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Oxygen should be accessible to everyone. But it’s not that easy, especially if you suffer from emphysema or any pulmonary diseases. 
Whether you have a medical condition or just need regular access to concentrated oxygen, this Portable Oxygen Concentrator Machine is a life-saving and life-changing device. 
And you don’t even need a doctor. 
This machine was previously only available within the medical profession, but now you can have direct access to an oxygen concentrator and purifier at an affordable price and in the comfort of your own home. 
With a large range of O2 output, this portable machine includes adjustable concentration levels of oxygen between 30%-96% and can emit oxygen into a room for a more gradual and slow-release, or you can connect a tube and mask for quicker and more direct inhalation.  


What’s the science behind this? 
The Oxygen Concetrator Machine uses advanced technology to extract oxygen from the air and remove nitrogen so that the concentration of oxygen is higher than ambient air, which is safer than traditional pressurized oxygen tanks allowing you to breathe better with purified, concentrated oxygen delivered directly into your airways and lungs. 
So, what are you waiting for? Get back to your daily activities with this portable and affordable Oxygen Concentrator machine. 

  • Large, bright, LCD screen: O2 concentration levels, O2 flow, and session time remaining are all distinctly displayed on the large, bright screen
  • Transportable and lightweight: Weighing less than 15lbs, this machine also has a convenient fold-down handle which makes for easy carrying wherever it is needed around your home
  • Noise reduction design: Calmly relax and reduce tension while receiving your oxygen therapy as this device is designed to produce oxygen yet not at the expense of quiet 
Reviews (4)

4 reviews for Portable Oxygen Concentrator Machine Generator

  1. Shaira M

    I ordered this ozone machine to ozonate my water for brushing my teeth, washing veggies, disinfecting my toothbrush, and to remove bacteria from the air in my house occasionally. I’ve no complaints. The machine is easy to use with clear instructions and puts out copious amounts of ozone into the house which I can smell throughout my entire 1800 sq ft. I only turn the machine on once or maybe twice a day especially after company. I’m recovering from breast cancer mastectomies and am taking precautions because my immune system has been altered.

  2. Jigngai J

    I’ve been dealing with parasites, candida, and the flu and this machine has made some really great ozone water which has helped me with feeling more energetic and faster healing.

  3. Shendal S

    Removes odors instantly. Purifies everything. Ozonated water heals wounds.
    An ozonator is a must have and this is a good one. Can place in front of air return duct and clean entire house while you are gone. Kills mold. Many medical applications so do your research. Kills pathogens immediately.

  4. Jingky A

    With type 1 diabetes, I tend to get bad infections in my lower extremities. Soaking my leg in a five gallon bucket with this ozone generator diffuser in the water really helps to get rid of the infection. I also use it to sanitize fruits and vegetables.
    It’s wonderful. I love it.

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