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Portable Mini Induction Cooker 1500W

(5 customer reviews)

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The easiest way to cook with this mini cooker!
This Portable Mini Induction Cooker 1500W is powered by 220V (1500W). It is a very practical and easy way to cook when we do not have much time to invest in the kitchen. The mini cooktop uses induction technology which is an advanced system for smooth-top electric ranges, heating up food quickly, and cooking it evenly without any hot or cold spots.


This mini cooker has an elegant appearance that can even be used as a decoration in your kitchen. It is made from crystalline glass and metal housing, you can be certain that this would never give you a hard time cleaning it after use.
It is suitable for wok, frying pan, soup pot, steamer, ceramic pot, corning pot, glass pot, baking tray and others.
Mini induction cooker can be transported wherever you want, easy to find a storage space. it is thickened stainless steel body.
✔️ Hassle-free cooking experience – The portable induction cooktop is powered by 220V (1500W). it uses Induction technology, an advanced system for Smooth-top electric ranges, heating up food quickly and evenly without any hot or cold spots.
✔️ Compatible to all cookware – This portable cooker works well with all types of cookware. However, for best results, use flat cookware as close to the plate size of the burner (7. 9″ In diameter) as possible.
✔️ Classy and portable – its flat stainless steel housing and high temperature and explosion-proof black crystal panel top make this burner look great on any countertop. Plus, the induction cooker is slim and light, making it perfect for small Studios, kitchenettes, and camping trips.
✔️ Easy to clean – cleaning the crystallite glass and the metal housing is fast and simpler won’t even take you more than a minute. Simply wipe the cooktop with a clean, damp cloth, and it would look fresh again.
  • Color: Silver
  • Voltage: 220V / 50hz
  • Rating Waltage: 1500W
  • Timing: 1~180mins
  • Power grade: 15 grade (100-1500W)
  • Control: Touch screen induction
  • Material: High temperature and explosion-proof black crystal panel + Stainless steel
  • Size: 200x85MM/7.9×3.3in
Package Contents:
1x Induction Cooker
Reviews (5)

5 reviews for Portable Mini Induction Cooker 1500W

  1. Tina

    no auto shuttoff is my favorite. lowest temperature operates as a mug warmer abd highest boils water or soup really quick. thus is way better than a mug warmer. Be sure to use steel with NO paint. or it will smell up the room melting the paint. Glass is debateable. it cracked my pyrex coffee mug. So using correct material, its the absolute best!!

  2. Sheib

    Fantastic little burner!! I wish I would have bought this years ago! We go to Vegas frequently and am sick of spending $$ on coffee downstairs as there are never coffee pots. I love a cup in my room with my bathrobe every morning. I saw Starbucks was closed at Bellagio (covid times…) so I purchased this little awesome burner. It works awesome with our moka pot. Get it!

  3. Treveel

    This is great for my campervan. Nice low wattage so it works easily on my inverter. Super compact too which is great for my limited space.

  4. Mark J.

    I’m using this burner with an inverter and RV batteries. It works excellent, as I’ve only made coffee 2x with it in looking forward to giving a better review in 6mo or 1 yr.
    It seems well designed, and has 1-5 temp settings.
    Very nice having off grid coffee in the AM

  5. Charlie

    I bought this to use with my Bialetti Moka Express espresso percolator. It is the perfect size and the temperature range is easily adjustable. I just prepare my moka pot, set the temp to 2.5 and let is heat for about 5 minutes. This would be pretty small to cook on, but it’s perfect for a little kettle or coffee maker.

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