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Promotes muscle building and increases stamina during workouts.

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Don’t waste another second working out:

You push yourself to the max — so don’t cut yourself short by leaving gains on the table. Without the proper metabolic support, your body might not be in an optimal state to build mass, potentially wasting all that time spent on early morning reps and weekend bench sessions. Maximum Muscle can help you reach your goals faster by increasing muscle mass, increasing stamina and shortening recovery time.


Your body is a complex machine, one that needs more than just protein powder and determination to be at its best. Our advanced formula boosts the processes that contribute to muscle-building so you get the most out of every lift and squat. Maximum Muscle can augment mass by facilitating protein synthesis and by mimicking the effects of testosterone. Frustrated by slow progress? Think you’ve plateaued? Maximum Muscle could give you the breakthrough you’ve been needing. It’s packed with nutrients and extracts that can both increase strength and heighten endurance; this includes the natural adrenal hormone DHEA, which can not only add bulk but also improve your immune system and mood. When you feel good, you feel motivated, and that mental edge can be a powerful force.


You’ve earned your rest days, but Maximum Muscle keeps working even beyond the gym. Its combination of naturally-sourced ingredients helps improve stress tolerance, reduce muscle damage and prevent lactic acid build-up, all of which means a faster recovery time for your body. Forget the old myth of “no pain, no gain.” No pain is no injury, and that’s the goal.

In essence:

Work smarter and harder. Maximum Muscle is calibrated to keep you optimized for lean muscle growth, so you can tap into every last drop of unleashed potential and use it to your advantage.

Product Overview: 

–          Advanced formula helps increase muscle mass, increase stamina and shorten recovery time. Boosts the processes that contribute to muscle-building.
–          Can improve stress tolerance, reaction time, flexibility and mood.
–          Helps reduce post-workout cramps and soreness.
–          Can augment muscle mass by facilitating protein synthesis and by mimicking the effects of testosterone.

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Reviews (5)

5 reviews for Maxium Muscle

  1. Grtnicolioh

    Made a huge difference in how I feel when I wake up. I read an article about magnesium deficiency causing the anxiety and mind racing and they suggested taking it. What a difference it has made! In just a week I sleep deeper, less anxious and wake feeling rested. The product is perfect!

  2. Esther

    I am a fitness trainer in Israel, trained in Wingate. I learned for many years and teach all fields of fitness, and am a trainer in a gym. I would like to add something that I believe, an overweight body that “works out” with cardio because they believe that will help them burn their fat stores, fat bodies do not burn the calories that they think they do. Their bodies will lose water, elastin, muscle mass before it lets go of the fat. An overweight person over the years has developed a lack of trust in their “owner” – so as long as you don’t eat regularly and the correct amount of calories, your body won’t trust you and will stay fat “safe mode” no matter how many mile you ran…setting your body back in sync could take many months, you need patience and understand that you need to work out building muscle mass with aerobics and the most crucial element is the right nutrition plan designed for you.

  3. Mark Lukens – author of Ancient Enemy

    The best book on dieting and working out that I’ve read in a long time! Well worth the money! The author explains how dieting works in a simple way that anyone can understand. Obviously the book leans towards weightlifting when it comes to working out, but he also talks a lot about what kind of cardio to do and how much to do, and when. I believe weight-training should be a part of everybody’s workout routine, so I’m a little biased that way. But whether you’re new to weightlifting, or getting back into it, or even experienced, I’m sure you will learn many new things or re-learn things as I did. This is a very balanced book when it comes to diet and exercise, and I believe it would benefit both women and men equally. I’ve read it three times and made notes. I’ve incorporated all of Michael’s advice into my workouts and I’ve already seen great results.

    I checked out the author’s website and there is a ton of other useful information on there. Subscribe to his newsletter – you won’t regret it. Michael Matthews constantly updates his newsletters with really helpful and informative articles – no fluff.

  4. Christopher J.

    I bought this product to help reduce body inflammation from which I was suffering. After taking the first pill, I noticed almost immediately that I felt better. As such, I’ve continued to take one pill on a daily basis and have continued to feel better. I no longer feel the pain from which I used to suffer. In fact, I felt so strongly about this product that I purchased a second bottle for a friend.

  5. Kindle Customer

    This is a really helpful book, its explanation about several topic an issues widely misunderstood is very clear, furthermore the autor explains in great details the dynamic that govern the simultaneous processes of muscle growth and lost of unwanted fat (such as stubborn viscerall fat). Besides the autor give excellent recommendation for those who want to use supplements, and how to choose the best products wisely.

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