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Mantra – Yoga Foam Roller Set



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Stretching before a workout is crucial for injury prevention and recovery. But not everyone has the correct tools for proper stretching.

Yoga Roller

The Yoga Foam Roller Set from Mantra is a 3-piece roller set that not only wakes up the muscles pre-workout, but also massages them and promotes better recovery post-workout. Use them during yoga for support too. When your time of exercise is over, you can store the set together for quick and convenient storage. You can even put the foam roller set in your gym bag and take your favorite rollers with you wherever you workout!

Yoga Foam Roller


3-Piece Set: A large dimpled muscle roll tube; a hand roller and spiked ball are all included in this Yoga Foam Roller Set. It covers all your stretching needs!

All-In-One Storage: The beauty of this foam roller set is that they all fit inside each other. The large tube roller also houses the rest of the set for easy storage!

Dimpled Design: For real tissue penetrating massage and muscle loosening, the foam roller set is made with a variety of raised dimpled surfaces.

How To Use Yoga Roller


Massage: In between sets and exercise, use the foam roller set to do your own massage sessions. Great for a speedier and more comprehensive post workout recovery.

Warm Up Correctly: Far too often people do not adequately warm up their muscles before working out. Now, you can do that properly and concentrate on the muscles you’ll need the most.

Feel Better: From regular massage and correct warming up, you’ll exercise longer, recover quicker and feel healthier overall.

Get the best warm up and warm down from every workout session! Add to cart now.

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