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LED Flame Ultrasonic Air Humidifier Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Cool Mist Maker

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Flame Aroma Diffuser, Humidifier for Bedroom Aromatherapy Atmosphere Light

❤Combine light and shadow + fog to create a realistic flame effect

❤Ultrasonic atomized fragrance, soothing body and mind, bursting into a sense of ritual

❤Soft light with sleep, two-stage adjustment

Application scenarios: bedroom, living room decoration, office

Product operation instructions:

❤Aromatherapy function: add water to the water tank (not exceeding the water level), add appropriate amount of essential oil, short press the atomization switch button to turn on the aromatherapy atomization; short press again to stop the atomization work.

❤Light function: short press the light switch button to turn on the flame atmosphere light; long press again, the brightness of the flame atmosphere light increases by 30%; short press again; turn off the flame atmosphere light.

❤Protection function: built-in water shortage protection chip, automatically stop working after detecting that there is no water.


Option Description

180ml White/Black Pro version – flame color (color), support to customize any color (Redblueyellowgreenflame,purplepink, etc.) or automatic gradient mode.

Use caution

1. This is a diffuser, no need for any cotton swabs, you can add non-corrosive essential oils to diffuse the aroma.

2. Please make sure to use a 5V2A adapter for power supply, otherwise the circuit may be damaged.

3. Please make sure that the water level is below the MAX line, please do not let the water enter the ventilation duct, otherwise it may damage the circuit.


Power supply: plug in the USB cable (please use 5V2A for power supply)

Water tank capacity: 180ml

Atomization amount: 15-20ml/h

Use time: 9-12 hours

Products include

1. Diffuser*1

2. Instructions for Use*1

3. USB line*1


【Diffuser does not work】Please use the correct adapter (usually 5V2A or 12V, 24V adapter) according to the instructions, please make sure the water is below the water level line, please avoid water entering the vent.

【Humidifier does not work】Please make sure that the whole cotton swab of the humidifier is wet and bears against the lower end of the atomizing sheet inside the cover.

Reviews (5)

5 reviews for LED Flame Ultrasonic Air Humidifier Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Cool Mist Maker

  1. luis

    The machine is completely silent and provides a significant amount of humidity to my room. I’m in college and we somehow lucked out to have an air conditioner, but unluckily enough we cannot change the controls, which led me to waking up dry every morning. This product COMPLETELY SOLVED MY PROBLEM!! 😄 However, I would mention that some of the design seems a bit questionable on the inside. First off, the instructions manual misspelled a few words, and the fill line is a sticker. If the sticker peels off, you won’t know where the fill limit is. Although this provides humidity, there’s no way to increase or decrease the amount it provides. Unfortunately, I was kind-of hoping for this, but since it solves my problem, I can’t complain! Decent quality = 4 stars.|


  2. Dr. K

    The aromatherapy machine arrived well packaged with everything inside the main body of the device. Slide the top from the base by pulling upwards. My aromatherapy device came with a small plastic disk with a tab – it was inside with the other parts. I read through the directions and didn’t see anything about it. But hey, at least they included instructions. It is straightforward to use. Just plug it in, add water to the fill line, add your oil, push the power button, and then push the light button until the desired color appears.

    The fill line was a little lower than expected, as it appears like it can hold a lot more water. However, I accidentally tipped over the device after filling it. Filling to the fill line prevented water from getting inside the mechanical components! And the flame effect is visually cool using the water vapor. It works great in a small space and looks even better in the dark.

    This aromatherapy diffuser is a visually cool product! It doesn’t produce as much light as my old one. However, the visual effect is better with the flame effect, and I think I will replace my old diffuser.

    Stinky Pudding included for size comparison.

    Dr. K

  3. boarge

    This diffuser is very nice, it works well but it does not have the functions that the manual says it has, it is also small, in small spaces like a bedroom or office it is fine but for a living room you can barely smell the essences of the oils


  4. tara

    This little guy is cute, but I didn’t realize how small 180ml was going to be. It’s tiny, and will run out sooner than what I was hoping for. When shopping for a diffuser, make sure to understand the size comparison to how much water it will hold, so you don’t disappoint yourself. I do like that it’s black and doesn’t stand out too much, but it all plastic and kind of cheaply made. When it’s running, you don’t notice though, because the lights offset the plastic cheap appearance. It does work and immediately put out steam vapors like the photo, that resemble flames and the orange light shines up through the vapor just like the photos.


  5. allie

    I have never had a diffuser nor have I ever dabbled in essential oils. This caught my eye because who doesn’t like a good open flame that is not really a flame?

    I was a little disappointed in the size when it arrived, it’s a little bigger than a mug so it was a lot smaller than I had imagined, however the misted light really does make it look like a flame which is really really cool. AND you have so many different light options, which halloween is coming up, so it’s a great addition to the halloween theme going on in my living room. I am also surprised at the amount of water it takes, it is definitely not a lot but it sure can run for hours and hours. I still have not had to refill the water and I think I have had it going for 6hrs straight by now, very impressed.

    Again I am new to essential oils, the description said you can add a few drops, I randomly grabbed a sandlewood at the store and added a few drops, couldn’t smell anything, added a few more, got a little hint, added some more and then I got a good whiff but then nothing. I will definitely have to try with some stronger scents and see how they do but honestly the main purpose of me buying this product was to see a cool flamed light and it delivered.

    The reason for the 4 star instead of five is just for the size. I was hoping it was a lot bigger but it is just miniature, a little bigger and it would just double in coolness, but I am happy for this experience with this product, I need to do a little more experimenting with the essential oil side but would highly recommend it to those who are looking to spice up their diffuser game.


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