Japanese Slimming Patches

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New Amazing Breakthrough in Natural Weight Loss

When you look good, you feel good, so take pride in your appearance.

With our Slimming Patches, your body is able to metabolize fats easier while burning calories, which helps you manage your weight more effectively.

It is especially effective when combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise program, helping you achieve healthy body weight.

Reviews (5)

5 reviews for Japanese Slimming Patches

  1. Amazon Customer

    It works! On my second week and I have been able to stick to a low cal diet without feeling hungry. No side effects and I am starting to lose weight I’ve lost 6 pounds so far.
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    Amazon Customer

  2. caren

    They do smell bad like everybody says, but I can’t really tell if they worked or not

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  3. Elaine Frances

    The first time I applied 3 patches and 1 hour later felt sick and light headed. MY second I used 2 patches and felt somewhat dizzy. I am going to try just ONE patch. I also had earrings on and rings so maybe I over did it.

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    Elaine Frances

  4. Motorola

    I was very skeptical trying this. I have been wearing one almost everyday before bed I apply. I gave a 4 star because I think not 100% sure but I think it does help slightly with controlling my appetite. If I dont wear it for a day or 2 it seems my appetite increases. I apply 1 to my stomach. I have had no adverse side effects, also no effects to my skin. I have never applied more than 1 at a time. Only con is it smells weird, not really a pleasant smell but I figure its from the products/oils in it.
    Updated review: I have applied 2-3 patches on my stomach, when I have done this I noticed nausea and my appetite was decreased alot. My nausea went away after couple days but I stopped using because it stopped working for me and I was not going to use more than 3 a day. idk if my body became used to it? I did rotate where I placed the patches also.
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  5. Joy B Fanning

    I do very few of these reviews. For me…I think they just might be working. I can see a bit of a difference. I do work out 3-5 days a week and I watch what I eat. They aren’t magic patches. You have to do your bit too. They will not remove 50 lbs of fat by next week. I say…try one package.
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    Joy B Fanning

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