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Grey Away | Help Reverse Gray Hairs Back To Natural Color

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Reverses gray hairs back to natural color*
Encourages hair growth*

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Re-discover Your Youth with Grey Away

You know you shouldn’t. But you do it anyway.
You pluck.
Because, you figure, what’s the harm in one hair here or there? The harm is this: every time you pull out one of those greys, you could be killing the follicle, ensuring nothing ever grows back. So step away from those tweezers. You don’t have to pluck. You don’t even have to color. Reverse grey hair easily and naturally with the help of Grey Away.

That’s Right:

Not all grey hair is created equal. Sometimes, fading color is the result of stress or nutrient deficiency, not just an inevitable sign of aging. Grey Away helps stimulate growth and restore color with its advanced formulation of enzymes, minerals and vitamins (including folic acid and biotin). Key among them is catalase, an enzyme that breaks down the hydrogen peroxide produced by our bodies. As we get older, our catalase levels decrease and our hydrogen peroxide levels increase, resulting in a build-up that effectively blocks pigment production and leads to faded hair. Grey Away gives your system a natural enzyme boost so your hair can go back to being beautiful, not bleached.

Think About It:

What’s even better than hair with revived color? A lot of hair with revived color. That’s why we’ve also added botanicals that may encourage new hair growth. From the follicle-stimulating horsetail plant to the nettle root that can block detrimental hormones, Grey Away is enriched with natural agents that feed your roots so hair can regrow, strong and healthy. Remember when you could wash and brush without worrying over every strand? When hair is restored, so is confidence.

In All:

If you’ve been reaching for your tweezers more often than your comb, stop. If you’ve resigned yourself to the hassle of dyeing, reassess. The nutritional support of Grey Away could be all that’s keeping you from stronger, fuller and more naturally colorful hair. When you see how easy it can be to erase the grey, you’ll feel a lot wiser — but you definitely won’t look older.

Reviews (16)

16 reviews for Grey Away | Help Reverse Gray Hairs Back To Natural Color

  1. Jeremy Gill

    Good product but if you stop using it, the grey will come back. Make sense

  2. Brad Wells

    Good Results

  3. Michael Dickson

    After a couple of months, I started to see the results. Solid product

  4. Ashley Anderson

    Very happy with the product

  5. Janice McMahon

    Good product! Takes a few months to really start hitting!

  6. Jack S.

    Too early to tell, but hope it will work! Shipping is fast!

  7. Tim Webber

    This definitely slowed down my greying of my hair

  8. Deborah

    Wow fast shipping! I can’t wait to use it and see the results!

  9. Jenna Maine

    Totally impressed!

  10. Laura Shelton

    Works but wasn’t too blown away with results

  11. Ann Stovall

    Been taking this for a few months now and I have noticed a difference. Will buy again

  12. Mary M.

    Was skeptical, but eventually I started seeing results!!

  13. Sylvester L.

    Good product!!!

  14. Victoria Jackson

    Took longer than I had hoped for to see results but I got them nonetheless

  15. Sean Leonard

    Takes a while but it works

  16. Jonathon Young

    easy to take and it works for me

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