Fast-Link HDMI TV Cable

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ENJOY MATCHES ON TV with this HDMI cable

Upgrade your smartphone experience by connecting your phone to the TV with our Ultra High-Speed HDMI Cable! This allows you to instantly transfer your small phone screen to your TV without a hassle. Plus, an additional USB cable is connected so you can charge your phone at the same timeNow you can do gaming or watch Youtube from your phone on the big screen with better sound! 


It is also a powerful tool for business, easily connect with a TV or projector in meeting room, share the images, datas and slides with your teammates or clients.
Absolutely zero complicated settings needed to start projection. The Fast-Link HDMI TV Cable is the quickest way to enjoy sharing your photos, watching movies together or playing games on a bigger screen for the whole family to enjoy.
  • Enjoy clear digital display on your existing HD TV
  • Easiest and simplest to use by just plug and play
  • Instantly enjoy watching movies, sharing photos, playing mobile gameson a bigger screen
  • Perfect for family gatherings, friends over for movie night or simply wanting to enjoy a big screen
  • Supports 1080P high-definition quality output
  • No Wi-Fi or Bluetooth required to setup
  • Easy to store and bring anywhere with you
  • Use your existing power bank as power supply
  • Charges your phone at the same time while plugged into the cable
It’s time to bring forth your screen time to a next level without breaking your savings for a smart TV.
Simply use this no-fuss Fast-Link HDMI TV Cable for your pleasurable viewing experience.


There are 3 types of plugs in this cable; The HDMI plug, the standard USB plug and the plug that fits your phone/tablet (Type C/Lightning/Micro)
  1. Insert the HDMI plug at the HDMI slot at the back of your TV. If you have plugged it in HDMI 1, select on your TV input source, HDMI 1 too.
  2. Insert the USB plug into a power source like a charger or power bank as long as it’s 5V1A or more. A lower power supply may not operate the HDMI cable.
  3. Insert the Type C/Lightning/Micro plug into your phone. This should display your phone screen on the TV right away. In case it doesn’t do so automatically, restart your phone/tablet first.
NOTE: An HDMI connected prompt message may or may not appear on the phone. The phone battery should also display that it’s charging.


Color: Red

Cable Type: Type C / Apple (Lightning) / Android (Micro)

Power Supply: 5V1A or higher

Length: 2m

Package Inclusion/s: 1 pc. Fast-Link HDMI TV Cable

Reviews (5)

5 reviews for Fast-Link HDMI TV Cable

  1. Digger

    I’ve got a s10e phone and this cord works perfectly. We are tired of commercials and watching shows directly from my phone on the TV is great!

  2. sduran

    Works great! My daughter moved out and has a streaming stick, but wanted to be able to stream Netflix and things from her phone to the living room (that she shares with roommates) tv without having to keep moving her streaming stick from her tv in the bedroom. This was perfect! She sits her phone (Galaxy S10) near the tv, plugs this into the phone and the tv and can send anything from her phone to the tv. Very handy and works great.

  3. Raymond C Irons

    I got this to take in our travel trailer for camping trips where we don’t get any TV reception from our antenna. In the product description, it say it will not work for Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max etc however, when I connected it to my TV it mirrors whatever is on my phone. The instructions weren’t very clear but it isn’t hard to connect. You must plug the USB plug into either a charger or the USB port on the TV. The picture isn’t as good as it would be from a cable connection, but it is ok. As long as I have a cell signal I can use my data plan to stream shows from my various streaming services.
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  4. Don C

    I connected this to my Galaxy Tab S4 and my Samsung TV and it worked perfectly. I can watch whatever is on my Tablet on my TV.

    I actually did not expect it to work, but rolled the dice, figuring it did not cost that much. Pleasantly surprised.

  5. Murdock

    The Blue ray player in our car failed but the HDMI port works fine. I have been trying to get offline viewing of movies from my phone working in my car for some time. Tried FireTV stick and ChromeCast before getting this. It works as expected and my kids can watch movies on long car trips again.

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