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Face Dark Spot Remover Laser Pen Pigmentation Treatment

(6 customer reviews)

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Reviews (6)

6 reviews for Face Dark Spot Remover Laser Pen Pigmentation Treatment

  1. Alexa M

    I got this for my wife originally but
    I ended up using it too. This is a
    brilliant invention. The dark spots
    on my skin have started to fade
    and my face doesn’t look as dull as
    it used to before.

  2. jennuie

    | am very impressed by the way
    this has worked on my skin. | have
    oily skin and i was skeptical on this
    on my face at first but then I gave
    ita try and it turned out to be just
    fine. There is now lesser oil on my
    face on an everyday basis. There
    was no reaction or burning

  3. Xia Mae

    This product is amazing! Works
    great no complications with
    instructions. Seriously this
    machine works like the same one
    they use in Spas …But this
    machine is way underpriced. | love
    the price. Buy before they raise the
    price cause this is worth a lot more
    than 25 dollars range for this
    machine it is excellent.

  4. Amie

    I have only just started using this
    pen and based on what I have
    seen i think it’s safe to say this
    works. My face had acne scars and
    it has diminished considerably
    after just few uses. | believe
    constant use will heal the scars
    altogether. This has helped me to
    be more confident in my looks and
    ican eat all that | want without
    having to worry about new
    breakouts. Recommended!

  5. Sprencia

    I am in my fifties and never
    thought i would be using one of
    this let alone like it. My wife got
    me this after my mother
    commented that | looked older
    than my age. So | used this pen
    and i have seen a significant
    difference under my eyes and
    cheeks. This really does work and
    not just for women.

  6. Andrea B

    ordered this product hoping it
    would live up to its review, it has
    surpassed my expectations. | have
    used it a couple of times and | can
    already see the change in my skin
    tone, its much cleaner and
    smoother now. | really didn’t
    expect something so inexpensive
    would be such a great alternative
    for those overly expensive skin

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