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Ergonomic Kneeling Chair With Backrest Adjustable Height

(5 customer reviews)



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  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE AND ADJUST – The posture chair is easy to install with clear instructions; Use the hydraulic lift to adjust the seat height and kneeling pad to get it just right; Height adjustable from 21.6” to 25.6”.
  • COMFORTABLE CUSHIONS – The cushion thickness of the VIVOHOME kneeling chair is up to 4” and features resilience memory foam; The upgraded thick cushion can effectively protect the hips and knees from injury, providing maximum comfort, and will not deform after long-time use.
  • SAFETY CONSTRUCTION – Constructed with a heavy-duty steel frame, its surface is sprayed with anti-oxidation treatment to prevent rust and wear; This kneeling chair comes with sturdy and polished metal fittings for each connection, which has strong corrosion resistance, to increase the firmness of the product and extend the service life (up to 242 lbs powerful loading capacity).
  • 360° ROTATING WHEELS – 4 removable metal casters can rotate 360 degrees; 2 of them have locks on the wheels for stability; Great for people who are used to working long hours at home.

Product Specifications:

  • Color: Black
  • Form Factor:Metal
  • Material: PU leather, Mesh, iron
  • Back Style:Cushion Back
  • Seat Pad Size: 16.1” x 13.0” x 4”
  • Kneeling Pad Size: 15.7”x 8.7”x 4”
  • Adjustable Height: 21.6”- 25.6”
  • Weight Capacity: 264 lbs

Package Included:

  • 1 x Adjustable kneeling chair
  • 1 x User manual
Additional information

Additional information


Black mesh cloth, Black PU, Blue mesh cloth, Purple mesh cloth

Reviews (5)

5 reviews for Ergonomic Kneeling Chair With Backrest Adjustable Height

  1. Kindle Customer

    Weld underneath was only on one side so after only 2 weeks of sitting on it it started to wobble from the stem. Then the gas cylinder that assists with the up and down movement stopped working properly. The comfort of the chair was great and I loved the fact that the kneeling pads were individual and adjustable. Roller blade caster wheels already on the chair were a plus and made the chair more mobile. I love how this also had the circular 5 wheel base. The wood back rest was comfortable (and stylish) but away from your back unless you slid back. I ended up returning this chair not because of comfort (I loved it for that) but because it was faulty and not safe to sit on much longer. I kept waiting for the wobbling side to side to end up making the seat break off the stem and me ending up on the concrete floor. I was disappointed because it was really comfortable. I would have asked for an exchange but they were out of stock when I initiated the return so was not given the option. I see now soon will be available but also for about $35 more.

  2. Amazon Customer

    Nice chair. You may need to extend the pole to the knee pads if you are taller.

    To safely enter and exit the chair simply stand at the side of the chair with legs in a wide stable stance and spin the chair bar under you and sit. To exit. Plant feet firmly on the ground in a wide stand and spin the chair out from under you. This is the safe way to use the chair instead of trying to step over the bar. 😉

  3. nicki

    The chair was a bit laborious to assemble, but not significantly more so than other office chairs I’ve assembled. It looks great and seems to be well made, so I’m very happy with the aesthetic and quality. The only downsides I’ve experienced / haven’t been able to solve for:

    – The kneepads aren’t bolted directly into the rod, so they tend to “turn” on the rod which changes the alignment of your body a bit

    – It’s difficult to find a position where my feet don’t end up “resting” on the bottom / wheel support of the chair, so I don’t feel like I’m getting the full benefits of since I can’t rest my feet comfortably without putting their weight on part of the chair

    – Adjusting the chair settings for better fit is a pain

    Hoping I figure out the best settings for my body eventually but for now I definitely think this purchase is was a big upgrade from my previous, run-of-the-mill office chair.

  4. Value Office Furniture

    The casters are good quality and the materials are strong enough, but the angles just aren’t right for kneeling chair body dynamics. The possible adjustments are up-down height (works well), seat angle (great job, there) and the length of the bar that holds the knee pads, to allow them to be nearer or further away from the seat.

    The idea behind kneeling chairs is to shift your weight from all on the seat to about half on your shins, but that’s impossible with this chair because the fixed angle of the bar that holds the knee pads just isn’t right. It causes the knee pads to face the seat square on instead of at an oblique angle. I have another, cheaper one with the typical X-Frame design and my shins on that one rest on the pads like they should, but on this one, no matter the length-setting on the knee-pad extender (there are three lengths this can be set to, using two bolts), my knees are going square into the pads. That’s not the kind of “kneeling” that a kneeling chair is supposed to facilitate! The small angle-float that is allowed on the pads is also a bad idea as the angle of float is not enough and it can’t be tightened up to lock in the angle. Kneeling chairs all seem to be limited in adjustments, but this one just starts off with a bad design. One more poor feature is the extremely wide seat. On a kneeling chair, one has to swing a leg over the seat to get into it, and this really wide seat just gets in the way. One might think this seat would be ideal for a big person, but I think it would be especially difficult for a heavy person to be able to accomplish this bit of acrobatics.

  5. Boss Lady

    This chair is a piece of crap…..don’t buy. Hydraulic lift broke and chair wont adjust. Cheap plastic shin rest is joined by plastic. I’m 5’7 and 115 lbs. and it doesn’t support me. Fell apart quickly and easly… do yourself a favor and buy something else.

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