Electronic Hide-Away License Plate Shutter

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Protect Your License Plate In Seconds!

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With the push of a button from the driver’s seat, thisHide-Away License Plate Shutter will cover the license plate immediately! Simply trigger its remote, the plate frames immediately respond and begin to me chanically lower a shutter over your plates.

Like with any hidden plate frame, it activates with the push of one button, with a design that can be safely activated at any speed. Its’ remote also uses the typical keychain design you see on most hidden license plate frames.

If you”re installing a plate frame on a vehicle indoors or spending its days on tracks and car shows, then this one is the perfect easiest way to cover up your plates.Get yours now before it’s too late!


  • HIGH-QUALITY:The device is super durable and weather-resistant, ensuring that the electronics in your plate frames won”t die from rain or cold weather. It also only takes about 30 minutes to mount with only a screwdriver.
  • AUTOMATIC CONTROL:ThisHide-Away License Plate Shutterfeatures a wireless remote that allows you remotely manage the plate frame for thecurtain to comes down over your license plate and hide it.
  • SAFE & SECURE:It can help provide privacy or protect your plates from theft and damage. Perfect for vehicles that go to the track, car shows, or for those spending extended time in storage.
  • MULTIPURPOSE:The Hide-Away License Plate Shuttercan be able to be installed onto cars, trucks, sports cars, motorcycles, or pretty much anything that has a license plate.



  • Material: Plastic + Metal
  • Product size: 31.5*17*2.58cm
  • Package size: 32*17.6*6.8cm
  • Fits board size 12×6 inches
  • Format: US Regulation


  • 1 x Rear Hide-Away License Plate Shutter
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