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Electric Cupping Massager – 12 Intensity Levels – Anti Cellulite Slimming Massage Therapy

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It’s time to get rid of your pain in the most relaxing way possible!

Our Smart Portable Dynamic Cupping Massager combines suction, smart massage, and red light therapy. You will be able to relax and rejuvenate tired and sore muscles, release fascia, increase blood circulation to the cupping area, and speed up the recovery process by using this smart device.

Cupping therapy, according to the researchers, can treat arthritis, joint pain, muscle pain, post-workout recovery, neck pain, lumbago, back pain, knee pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, arm pain, hip flexor pain, and helps with cellulite reduction and fat burn. This wonderful device is appropriate for both travel and home use. It’s an excellent investment.

Smart Cupping Therapy Set

The new smart cupping massager combines dynamic suction and red light heating massage therapy into one device, making it a perfect combination of traditional cupping device and modern technology. It’s a clever self-service cupping device that eliminates the need to visit a physiotherapy facility! So you can enjoy the massage experience whenever and wherever you want because it is so simple and easy to use that even beginners or the elderly can quickly get used to it.

3-in-1 Function

It can also be used for quick and painless scraping and massage therapy, making it a wise choice that allows you to enjoy three services for the price of one! It’s like having your own personal family doctor to assist you in staying energized every day!

This Smart Massager combines cupping, scraping, and red-light therapy. The control panel is clean and easy to read, making it simple to get started. There are no complicated vacuum tubes or cups. You can easily complete the task without the assistance of others.

Smart & Safe

It has a built-in advanced control chip that performs intelligent detection work. After 20 minutes of continuous work, the AI protection system will be triggered and will shut down automatically to protect you. Instead of the traditional open flame, advanced PI conduction heating technology has been shown to have numerous health benefits.

12 Adjustable Mode Combinations

Our Smart Massager has suction strength (-60kpa-0kpa) and heating temperature (100.4℉-122℉), as well as 12 different mode combinations to provide you with more options and a better massage experience. You can begin by using it on the lowest setting and gradually progress to the mode that is most comfortable for you.

The heating element effectively breaks down excess lactic acid in the muscles, relieving muscle pains. The 1-12 level adjustable suction control allows you to select the best suction for your needs.

High Capacity Battery That is Small and Portable

A 2400mAh lithium battery is built into the cupping therapy cupper. The USB charging cable allows you to charge quickly and easily. Put it in your bag; the compact size makes Cupper an excellent recovery tool for the back, shoulder, hips, hamstrings, and calves. You can take it with you and get a massage whenever and wherever you want.


  • Full Body Massage.
  • The intensity of the heat can be adjusted.
  • There is no need for a doctor’s supervision.
  • It has an Ergonomic Handle.
  • It costs less than seeing a therapist.
  • It is accessible from the comfort of your own home!

Package Includes:

1 x Electric Cupping massager

1 x USB type-C charging cable

2 x Filters

1x User Manual

Reviews (4)

4 reviews for Electric Cupping Massager – 12 Intensity Levels – Anti Cellulite Slimming Massage Therapy

  1. Ann

    The device is really a step ahead from the glass jars with a torch that my parents used on my back when I was sick with cold. I am still not sure it is a cure for anything, really, bu it is a big step ahead. in terms of convenience and safety. I like that it also has red light to add to the fun


  2. Honglian Ma

    Suction power is good, but don’t have a way to reduce the power, I have to turn it off or pull it off before it was getting too tight.

    Honglian Ma

  3. CanesFans

    Holy cow! The suction on this device is really strong. Even on the lowest setting. I thought this would be easier than using suction cups to ward off cellulite, but damn – it was too painful. So I guess it’s doing what it should. It just really hurts. And using an oil didn’t help at all. Other than that, it arrived quickly and was in perfect condition.


  4. dee

    bought for my lymphedema it works okay I’ve tried to adjust at the lowest setting however there’s still too much suction. which I guess is good on some things but not on my boob. other than that works as it says

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