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Electric Baby Nasal Aspirator Cleaner

(7 customer reviews)

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This Electric Baby Nasal Aspirator Cleaner will help unclog a blockage in your baby’s nose. No need to worry about them having trouble breathing! This makes cleaning out the sinuses fast and easy. This device is designed with safety and comfort in mind. The silicone end will fit softly in your baby’s nose.
  • The snot can be clear easily from the nose and let the baby breathe easier.
  • 5 optional strength of suction power removes stubborn mucus without great noise while not harming your baby’s delicate sinuses.
  • Two exchangeable tip sizes, molded of soft silicone, will always fit your baby’s nose comfortably.
  • Molded of soft silicone, the material is safe and BPA-free, it will feel soft and comfortable and it will not harm your baby’s nasal cavity when using.
  • Silicone material allows being sterilized by hot water or ultraviolet ray light.
  • Color: blue, yellow, pink, green
  • Nozzle Material: Silicone
  • Suitable Age: 0-6 years old
  • Weight: 200g
  • Size: 23 x 16 x 5.5cm
  • Motor voltage: 3V
  • Maximum vacuum suction: 3500 mmHg (65kPa)
Package Include:
  • 1 x Electric Nasal Aspirator
Reviews (7)

7 reviews for Electric Baby Nasal Aspirator Cleaner

  1. Nina

    I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!! This is my second purchase, I will gift it to my niece because my first purchase works great for my son. He was sick and the fight to clean his nose had gotten EXTREMELY old. The lights and music keep him entertained and he actually enjoys playing with it and no longer cries when I clean his nose. Before, as soon as he saw the suction or tissue he would cry. this is super good for watery runny noses

  2. Victor

    Clearing my son’s nose has been a pain recently, since he now realizes he doesn’t like the feeling of something up his nose. Our previous aspirator was the one you suck on. Although it captures stuff in a tissue and can generate pretty good vacuum force (up to your capabilities), you can tire out quickly.

    The Grownsy automatic nasal aspirator has been amazing. Although my son still doesn’t like getting his nose cleaned, this has been way more efficient in getting the job done. The constant vacuuming force allows you to focus on getting the thing in his nose and the noise and lights are great distractions. You still have to work quickly, but the end result has been more successful.

    My only complaint might be that there are a lot of pieces to clean, but certainly worth it given how efficient it is.

  3. Me

    OMG! LIFESAVER! I really have nothing but praise for this thing! Cuts the time in half, doesn’t get nasty like the Frida that everyone raved about. 🙄 VERY EFFICIENT! Now, my son still hates the act of getting his nose suctioned and the lights & music do nothing for him, but it is SO MUCH BETTER than fussing with the bulb suctions and the nose Frida. Please do yourself and your baby a favor and just get this. 🙌

  4. alex Castro

    By far, best baby nasal aspirator I’ve purchased. I have 2, Nosefrida being one of them. Unlike the other 2 I own, Grownsy is the best one for sure!!! It comes in a very neatly organized clear storage container. There is a charger and different size soft silicone tips. Powerful suction but still gentle enough for my 9 month old baby. I was able to clear my little ones nose in less than a minute without a struggle! I’m so happy with this buy! Very user friendly, not too noisy, great quality! This is the 2nd Grownsy product I have purchased. Their electric kettle works wonderfully! I love this brand! Grownsy products have turned out to be my favorite!

  5. ShellieT

    My 6 month old grandson had a terrible head cold. Me had a horrible runny nose and because of his age he couldn’t blow his nose. We were using the Aspirator that you suck will putting the tube in his nose and it was awkward and didn’t work. I saw this product on Amazon and thought I would give it a try. Wow what a difference. The other item we used he would fight us if we went near his little nose. Not with this amazing little Aspirator. It has lights and music to distract him along with 3 different tips to get all the way into the nose. It has 3 speeds to choose from. My grandson tolerated getting his nose aspirated and never cried. I was in shock how much mucous it aspirated. I am telling everyone about this product because it is so much easier to use and better for your baby.

  6. Bishop D

    What an amazing product! I’ve used several different products to get snot or boogers out of my babies nose and I always found that the nasal bulb was dangerous because baby wants to wrestle with it it seems and its jagged. Then we have the snot sucker that you use with mouth power and it kinda makes you want to gag. Still baby realizes this is not fun so fights it. Now this product is amazing because not only do you not have to suck out the snot with your own mouth power, the edges aren’t sharp, and also the music feature distracts baby so ur done b4 u know it and baby is breathing again in a flash! Perfect when they are sick w a bad runny nose or a sticky booger lol. Anyways this product is great wish I had one with my first baby it would have. Made my life so much easier!

  7. HG

    This thing is amazing! We had another similar type nasal suction device for my infant at the time because I have severe asthma and unable to use the manual ones that are so popular. We liked it but seemed to slowly die.

    My son is now 3yo+ and we decided to buy a new nasal suction because he’s not quite understanding how to blow his nose yet. We thought we’d try another brand and found this one. Whoa 🤩 this thing has some serious suction power. No complaints on that at all, we only use on the 2nd level. My son likes to mess with the lights and sounds too but it’s just for fun. We never had on our old one.

    Cleaning is a little bit no fun though, it has lots of pieces to clean and keep track of. I think I would have been too tired with a newborn to figure out but with a 3yo it’s just a pain, not a deal breaker cause this thing can SUCK! 🤧

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