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DIY Automatic Hair Braiding Kit

(11 customer reviews)

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Creates fun, twisty braids in seconds!!

Quick, fun styles in 3 easy steps, Anyone can do it!

DIY Automatic Hair Braider lets you create stylish hairstyles with the press of a button!

  •  Designed for girls to create their own hair style.
  •  Simple operation and quick knitting. It’s the best gift for kids
  •  It is made of environment-friendly materials with high quality.
  •  The package is exquisite and will not be damaged during transportation.
  •  Product function: automatic knitting; Applicable age: 3 years old+

With this automatic hair braid tool, only 6 simple steps:

  1. Evenly separate with accessories, three strands of hair;
  2. Fix three equal hairs on the three hooks in front of the braid;
  3. Pull the hook into the long tube from below;
  4. The hook hair hook into  the braid;
  5. Starts the switch, start Braid;
  6. Grab the braided whip and tie the rubber band to the tail just fine.


🎀 Elctric Hair Arranger:


This ELCTRIC HAIR ARRANGER has two specifications, The simple model and The luxurious model. Please see the product options to purchase.

The Simple Model:

The luxurious model

Please note: The product requires two AA batteries, which are not provided in the product packaging, please prepare your own !

Scope of application.
l Porcelain tableware: microwave/oven/dishwasher/low temperature resistant
l Glassware (cups/bowls/plates): dishwasher safe
l Metal cutlery (knives/forks/spoons): dishwasher safe

l Glassware: all hand-blown, bubbles, streamers and other hand-made traces are inevitable, even non-defective models, but also not perfect! This is also the essential difference with the mechanism of glass.
Maintenance advice.
1, household dishes can be rinsed off with water after cleaning with a disinfectant detergent.
2、For long term use, please use a soft cloth for cleaning, not metal brushes or other cleaning.
3、If there are slight scratches in use, you can use toothpaste to gently polish and repair them.
1, handmade products, there may be small local concave holes, bubbles or small black spots, etc., for the normal process phenomenon, does not affect the use.

Reviews (11)

11 reviews for DIY Automatic Hair Braiding Kit

  1. katrina

    My daughter loves it

  2. Jee-an

    How gorgeous this product is. Very excellent and recommended. Thank you seller

  3. Trushie

    Bought for my granddaughter. She was very happy. I also recommend.

  4. Lea Jean

    whyyy didnt see this before? This is so nicee and easy to use. I bought this one for my daughters birthday/ Hope she likes it.

  5. a1support

    This is so great. Much recommended product for mom for their baby, nice

  6. Samantha

    Saved me a lot of time for my daughters, they also love using them and playing together with friends.

  7. jamile

    The box arrived well packaged and in good condition. Not tried yet is to make a gift. I recommend the seller

  8. Jean

    wow, this is so great

  9. Basha

    Couldnt get enough of this, very useful

  10. Angeka

    Just wow, cant contain how impress I am with this product

  11. Ghiu

    Product as described/arrived very fast. The package arrived early. Now let’s see if my granddaughter will like.

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