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Butt Enhancement Cream – Hip Lift Up Cream

(8 customer reviews)

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Made of natural herbals plants extract that will help you not only increase your butt and hip size but also lift it rounded and very soft. The cream will help you remove black lines, stretch marks and unwanted dead skin in your butt and hip.

Benefits & Features:

  • Effectively tightens and softens buttocks
  • Made up of all-natural herbal plants extract
  • Removes stretch marks and dead skin
  • No harmful side effects
  • Controls skin balance naturally
  • See results in as early as 1 week
  • Ideal for all body types
  • Activates fat and produce fat cells for a bigger butt


  • Net weight: 120 g / 0.3 lb

Package includes:

  • 1 x Bigger Butt Cream
Reviews (8)

8 reviews for Butt Enhancement Cream – Hip Lift Up Cream

  1. Sheena

    This oil worked great and I saw results within a month, my hip have a little plump. in fact after the use for about a week I noticed light cellulite surfacing became soft and shunite. Don’t think I will not keep using. Product is good for results and I will continue to use consistently until have a better effect.

  2. Ybanes

    I gave it to my daughter and she loved it

  3. Marie Gale

    I have used it since I received it on Oct.3. I like its light fragrance, it’s comfortable when I use it before go to bed every night. According to its introduction, I stick to it every morning and every night, it has been the 30 days, and it did really work! They are a little bigger, and effects of the firming and lifting are definitely surprised me, and I definitely buy it again! I am not greedy, just hope to bigger a size!

  4. Kristia

    wow for this

  5. Cathey

    I purchased this product to enhance my lovely lady body parts and I must say… this product is the holy grail. I already was blessed with hips and a little cute bubble booty, but this product had really plump it some more. From my bf to my friends… they all say you are getting thicker. It’s like sweet harmonious music to thy ears… all because of me using this product. And I don’t do squats, so just image me if I did.

  6. Alexa

    This is so awesome. Good for recommendation 🙂

  7. Jean Anne

    I can’t begin to give compliments to such an amazing product. I look and feel better. After 4 weeks of using, my husband even noticed the difference, and asked if I’d been hitting the gym. ?? Will buy more!

  8. Pearl

    Loved this product! I’m super self conscious about my hip dips and decided to try this and had only used it for a week an a half and seen them fill in almost completely. I did do some butt workouts but feel like this really helped. Plus a lot of the reviews I seen mentioned after using a body scrub on your butt then putting this stuff on your butt will make it warm and that really happens!

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