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Best Air Humidifier for Bedroom – Best Essential oil Aromatherapy Aroma Diffuser

(9 customer reviews)

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Essential Oil Diffuser – Aroma diffuser

Transforms your surroundings into a heaven of smells

The technology contained in the Humidifier distributes odors from essential oils or perfumes 10 times better. Just 1-2 drops of a fragrance can provide a refreshing fragrance for over 10 hours.

Our Humidifier can also be used as a room humidifier without oils. In the winter months in particular, it is very important to ensure that there is a certain level of humidity in the room. In winter, the humidity in the rooms generally sinks, the reason for this being the dry heating air.

The Humidifier not only offers you health benefits, but also enchants the ambience of every room and can optionally also be used as a night light. Simply hold down the light button and the night light is activated.



  • Provides optimally humidified air during the cold season
  • Made of high quality material
  • Can also be used as a night light
  • Can be used without additional oils

The list of advantages of good room humidity is long:

Benefits for the eyes:
Moist room air can improve itching, eye fatigue and chronic dryness.

Benefits for the skin:
The optimal humidity can ensure a healthy and smooth complexion and soothes rough and irritated skin without cosmetics.

Benefits for the mucous membranes:

The mucous membranes in the mouth and nose are very important in the fight against viruses and bacteria. When the mucous membranes dry out, they can no longer do their job. Encrustations and nosebleeds quickly develop.
It is especially important for babies to keep the mucous membranes moist, as this helps maintain the natural protective functions.


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How to use the 300 ml. H2O  Humidifier?

  • Fill up the cup by 3/4 with cold water,
  • Add few drops of your favourite essential oil or leave it plain,
  • Close the cup tightly,
  • Plug the USB cable into the humidifier,
  • Click start button to start continues mist,
  • Click the button again to start the intermittent mist,
  • Click the button to turn off,
  • Press the button for 3 sec to start white light,
  • Press the button again for 3 sec to switch on the rainbow lights,
  • Press the button for 3 sec to turn lights off.
1.Continuous spray and indirect spray two modes, one key switch
2. Colorful atmosphere lights, cool
3. Low noise, does not affect sleep
4. Moisturize at any time, not wet the desktop
5. Compact and lightweight, can be used in the car

Rated input: DC5V / 1A
Working current: 250-350mA
Scheduled shutdown time: 4h / 6h
Spray volume: 30-45mL /h
Material: ABS
Size: 119 * 78 * 78mm/4.69*3.07*3.07″
Color:White/Pink/Navy Blue

1. Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. Thank you!
2. Please allow 1-3cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.

1 X Humidifier
1 X USB Cable
1 X User Manual
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Reviews (9)

9 reviews for Best Air Humidifier for Bedroom – Best Essential oil Aromatherapy Aroma Diffuser

  1. Joshia

    Love it Easy to use, love the lights on it for when im driving at night to add a little fun to my drive.

  2. Zerah

    Nice At night at bedtime.

  3. Hesha

    Cute, little machine that pumps out humidity to our dry rooms. Great for our home.

  4. Grace

    Fun Fun!!! The media could not be loaded. Silent can set to constant stream or intermittent puffs, can set to steady white light or this! Tiny and cute!

  5. Jenny

    My daughter has had some sinus issues and our pediatrician recommended a humidifier. I chose this one because it was supposed to be small and quiet. It’s perfect for her small room and seems to be helping. It is also perfect for travel if we need to take it with us.

  6. Jella

    Great humidifier was easy to fill and very quiet. I have helped with the dry air in the bedroom.

  7. Alexa

    Very beautiful appearance. The white color means clean, pure and beautiful. The water tank is large enough, easy to add water, there is basically no sound when starting up, the fog is very large, and there is no water droplets, and this humidifier can also add aromatherapy, you can choose according to your own preferences Adding the essential oils I like, the lavender-flavored essential oils I added myself, I immediately feel the fragrance of the house, which is so comfortable

  8. Cerna

    I got this for my daughter for in her dorm at school and she really likes it and it has helped so much. I reccomend it and she does too.

  9. Angela

    Colorful humidifierAbsolutely love this product and it shipped super fast!

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