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Beauty Booster Mixture by Amy Mitchell

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If you want to say bye-bye to fine lines and wrinkles, you don’t need a complicated skincare routine. You just need one that’s complete. You already have your arsenal of creams and lotions — but are you taking care of your skin from the inside as well? For a truly radiant complexion, stir our Beauty Boost Mixture by Amy Mitchell into your favorite drink and feed your skin, hair and nails the nourishment they need.

Dry skin is aging. It exacerbates the appearance of wrinkles, making you look older and more tired than you really are, and is more prone to infection. Moisturizer helps but it often treats only the outermost dermal layer. Why not go deeper? Keep yourself moisturized to the max with Beauty Boost Mixture’s combination of collagen and hyaluronic acid. Both molecules are produced naturally by your body to provide firmness and lubrication. But both also diminish with age, leading to breakdowns in the structure of things like skin, nails, joints and bones. Our mixture combines the two for a healthy boost, hydrating your skin in a way that creams simply cannot.


If you’ve been noticing weak, peeling nails, if your hair feels brittle and dull or if your knees seem to hurt just from standing, you may be deficient in collagen. It’s your body’s most abundant protein but production slows by about 1% per year in adulthood; without its connective support, your skin sags and folds. It’s critical to a youthful look — yet it can’t be applied to the face because its molecules are too large to penetrate effectively. Beauty Boost Mixture solves that problem. Beauty Boost is a neutral-flavored powder that mixes easily with anything from water to your morning green juice, conveniently replenishing the protein that’s a major component of a healthy, smooth complexion.
Our second key ingredient, hyaluronic acid, is essential to reducing inflammation and keeping skin moisturized; it also keeps joints lubricated so you can move freely without pain. Pollution and UV rays can degrade or even stop your body’s natural production of the acid. That’s where our Beauty Boost Mixture steps in, binding to water molecules and keeping them in place so your skin stays plump, not wilted. When skin is that hydrated, fine lines have nowhere to go.

The Point is:

If you feel like you could use a shiny new exterior, start from the interior with our drinkable Beauty Boost Mixture by Amy Mitchell. It could be the missing component that helps smooth away your wrinkles, strengthen your nails and return the gloss to your hair. It’s more than a boost of beauty — it’s a boost of confidence.

Product Overview:

–          Beauty Boost Mixture is a powder that mixes easily with any favorite drink, even water.
–          Replenishes your body’s natural collagen and hyaluronic acid to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.
–          Collagen supports healthy skin, hair and nails and may also increase muscle mass, prevent bone loss and relieve joint pain.
–          Hyaluronic acid hydrates the skin, restores elasticity and may also relieve joint pain.
Reviews (5)

5 reviews for Beauty Booster Mixture by Amy Mitchell

  1. Molly Walsh

    I have tried a lot of different collagens and the results of this particular brand are far above what I have seen from other collagens brands I’ve tried. I will say it doesn’t mix as well in cold water as some brands I have tried, but on the other hand, when I switched to putting it in coffee or a smoothie from trying it in my cold lemon water it was totally fine no issues whatsoever.

    The difference I have seen using this brand has been nothing short of amazing.

    I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my hair and nails.

    I bought this collagen looking for results and that is what I got.

  2. Allison Parker

    LOVE THIS STUFF!! I have NEVER tried a product that gave me so many benefits! Lets start with my nails. They are as hard as acrylic. My nails never grow and I hate taking pills like biotin. With this powder, I pour it in a half a bottle of water FAITHFULLY every morning. Consistency is the key! I can’t speak on my hair bc I keep it braided under my wigs. My joints, A GOD SEND!! I normally go to the chiropractor at least once a month and sometimes a whole week if I lifted weights too hard at the gym to get adjustments in my lower back. I also usually have knee pain when I do my squats. After about a week of taking this every morning, I haven’t been to the chiropractor in 3 months! My back doesn’t bother me. My knees don’t hurt after workouts. I have gotten A LOT of compliments on my skin! I noticed I don’t have those “pockets” around my eyes in the mornings like I used to. IT WORKS PEOPLE!

  3. Helen Winston

    This is the weirdest thing since I started using this powder and it’s only been a week. My skin feels amazing. . On the days I use it I see the effect within hours. I didn’t think it was this product at first so I tried to skip it just to test it out and my skin feels back to its dull self

  4. Colleen C.

    I am a 57 year old woman who has been comfortable in my own skin. I have never held back enjoying my life. Hey! You only get one time around! My motto is to make the most of this one time.
    For the most part I don’t watch what I eat or drink. I’m not fit or super healthy by any means. But I am happy as hell!
    I go on vacation to sunny places and I like moderate Sun. So that’s me.
    My whole life I looked younger than my years. People used to say “no way are you 25, 30, 40” or “no way do you are a grandmother”. BUT since turning 55 I don’t get that much anymore and I was freaked out a little bit!
    While secretly searching for the ultimate “fountain of youth”I by chance found this product and because of all the positive reviews I decided to give it a try. Its very affordable, much cheaper than all the facial creams out there.
    As of today I am 35 days in of taking this product every morning in my coffee. I do not taste a difference in my coffee but my coffee does taste richer. I don’t mind it at all.
    The only reason I will say that I am dissapointed is because I expected a “miracle”. I expected this product to take 10 years off my age in 30 days. So back to real life…
    I told no one, not even my husband ( who is 15 years younger than myself) that I was adding this to my daily routine. I wanted an honest reaction from people I see everyday.
    As of yet, no one has said anything. BUT WHO CARES ABOUT THEM?!
    So this is what “I” have actually experienced.
    1. In 35 days I have noticed a very big difference in the bags under my eyes. They seem to have “filled in”! I don’t look tired all the time. And no one says that I look tired (I hate when people say that, so rude).
    2. I have long, semi thick hair that I need to color my roots every 4-5 weeks. Since taking this everyday I had to color my roots again after 3 weeks. People I know are saying that my hair is growing so fast! I certainly have to agree.
    3. My fingernails are super strong and growing much faster than using Biotene.

    I purchased 2 containers of this product and will use every last scoop.
    When I am done I will update with “my” results.
    So far I would have to say that I am personally satisfied with the results, enough to keep me hopeful.
    I’ll update again in 30 days.

  5. Carrie A. Groff

    Love these collagen peptides! They have added enzymes which make them 5X more absorbable in the body..which means your not throwing money down the drain. There is also no “flavor”. I’ve tried quite a few different collagen peptides and some (even though say unflavored) have a slight flavor. I’ve also been learning more about collagen and it’s health benefits like how it helps with muscle growth and my husband has even mentioned that it has been helping his digestive issues. I add it daily to my pre-workout drink and I also love adding it to my overnight oats, chocolate avocado protein pudding and my BCAA’s. It’s so easy to use and the older we get the more we need it.

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