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Anti Wrinkle eye and Facial Massager

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1. Four light modes
Red light: increase skin elasticity, soothe the skin from yellowing and dullness;
Blue light: soothes skin acne, acne, acne marks, etc .;
Yellow light: breaks down skin melanin and whitens shiny skin;
Mixed light:multiple effects
2. Temperature: 38 ° C- 45 ° C to meet the needs of different groups of people
3rd and 3rd gear vibration adjustment
3. Adjustable three positions of vibration massage
4. USB charging, easy to carry
5.  45 ° gold bevel design
6. Hot compress / Photon beauty / Vibration massage
7. Exquisite packaging:Best gift for mom, wife, daughter
8. Reduce Puffiness and Dark Circles.
9. Heated treatment help to open your pores and allows serums and creams to enter better.
10. Activate skin cells and remove fine lines and wrinkles.
11. Gentle massage can increases blood circulation, effectively relieve eyes fatigue, soothe sore muscles, and the skin sense of tension, reduce eyes redness.
12. Improve skin elasticity, Efficacy highlight.



Apply Skincare products evenly around the eyes.
Turn on the product, and select the mode according to your needs.
Massage the massage head from the inner corner of the eye along the lower corner of the eye to the temple slowly and slightly.
Do spot-press care according to the dot-like positions in the picture, stay at each point for about ten seconds, and repeat 2-3 times.
Continue to make a circle around the eye in the direction of the arrow in the figure, usually 3-5 circles.
Take an appropriate amount of skincare product or essence and apply it on the face, open the product, and select the mode according to your needs.
Slowly and gently massage the massage head from the face along the arrow in the figure.


Hot compressing temperature: 38-45 ℃
Rated power: 2.5W
Continuous working time: 1 hour
Vibration mode: 3-speed adjustment
Lantern care: Red, blue, yellow, mixed light
Rated voltage: 5V1A
Wood material: ABS (surface with coating)
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Additional information


Pink, White

Reviews (5)

5 reviews for Anti Wrinkle eye and Facial Massager

  1. Nene

    Nice and cute a little eye massager. It’s very easy to use. I felt comfortable when using this massager. It made my under eye look a little bit healthier after 2 times using.

  2. Amelia Gaston

    I would consider this an affordable dupe to tools like the Nurse Jamie eye roller or Foreo eye massager tool. It has a really nice multitude of features, such temperature control (you can make it warmer or cooler as you like) plus the vibrating massage feature for around the eyes. Love using this to apply eye serums and creams for better absorption around eyes and just to give myself little eye massages as part of my end of day routine. Like the usb charge too, don’t have to fiddle with batteries.

  3. Celine

    I use this eye wand every third or forth day in the week on my potential wrinkle spots (smile lines, forehead, and undereyes) I put on my hydration cream or vitamin C serum first then use the wand for a smooth glide. I really see the difference; less eye puffiness, smooth out any wrinkles, and my skin feels tighter. And the heat option helps me to relax my facial muscles. Really great product to add to your skin care routine.

  4. SAURA

    Just started using this and it’s great, soothes the skin, easy to use and you can see the difference. You can’t go wrong with this

  5. Jessica

    I’m in my late twenties and have had triple eyelids on my right eye since college and it’s been really annoying because my eyes look imbalanced and hollow with the triple eyelids (Triple eyelids occur because your eyelids lost elasticity, I had serious allergies so I rubbed my eyes a lot that was what caused it)

    Therefore, I’ve tried EVERYTHING on the market to get rid of those triple eyelids excepts for surgery.
    -taped my eyes with double eyelid tap
    -used all the expensive brand name eye creams
    -did eye massage
    -use eye tightener fluid creams

    NOTHING worked until I used this eye wand!! However, there’s a catch to this product. You’ll have to use it ALONG with very moisturising and heavier eye creams before you sleep, massage it on your eyelids GENTLY, OUTWARD like ironing clothes. It’ll reduce your puffiness, tighten skin around your eyes, and prepare you to go to bed.

    I’ve been using it consistently for months now, and I’m confident to say it works! Although I still have triple eyelids from time to time, the size of my triple eyelid has shrunk and it doesn’t look that bad compared to before.

    I can’t speak to other groups about its effectiveness, but if you’re bothered by triple eyelids—GET IT!!!!! You will not regret it!

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