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Ankle Foot Orthosis Support With AFO Splint | Drop Foot Brace Ankle Guard



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Ankle and foot pain can be very debilitating on a daily basis. Finding the right support brace can also be extremely challenging!

What Is Ankle Foot Orthosis


The Ankle Foot Orthosis Support with AFO Splint is an excellent brace and guard for both the ankle and foot. It fits easily into your regular shoes and is fastened at the calf/shin area for added support and to ensure no slipping. Recover quicker from ankle and foot problems with this brace ankle guard and splint. It is available in a variety of sizes to suit any feet/ankles.


What Is A Foot Orthosis



Strap Fastener: The adjustable Velcro strap with buckle sits up high on the shin and calf muscle area. This prevents slipping and adds extra splint support for the ankle and foot.

Breathable Material: Support braces and guards are often made from material that traps moisture and heat. This brace  breathes and allows sweat to evaporate.

Support Splint: Keep the ankle and foot aligned correctly for a speedier recovery with the AFO Splint. Made from strong polypropylene, it’s designed for continued long-term support.


How To Make A Ankle Foot Orthosis



Great Fit: This Orthosis Support Brace is made to be worn with most shoes. It won’t impact on your comfort, unlike other braces you could buy.

Real Support: Get medical grade ankle and foot support from this Orthosis Support Guard. Drop foot and other ankle related pain will be alleviated quicker by wearing this support.

Easy To Clean: While the brace is designed to be worn so you can go about your day, it is also easily washable. Keep your brace clean and fresh with ease.

Give your ankle and foot added support! Add to cart now.

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