Aero Cushion Plantar Fasciitis Arch Supports

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Aero Cushion Plantar Fasciitis Arch Supports

Provides EXTRA cushioning (30% more) and support for those who need more cushion to feel comfortable. Instant, superior compression, support and lasting comfort across the arch of your foot. This helps reduce the heel and arch pain caused by the flat foot, plantar fasciitis and other foot problems. Also helps with your back pain caused by a poor posture. The durable, non-slip sole can be worn as long as comfortable.

Directions to wear: It is designed to be worn with the green color fabric touching the bottom of your foot and the pointed side facing towards your heel. It should be positioned mid-foot around the arch area. However, everybody has different areas of their feet that need more support than others so rotate the arch supports a little to the left or the right AND move them back and forth depending on what feels most comfortable to you. Also, if the compression band feels tight and uncomfortable wearing the first time please stretch the band a few times and then wear it. They can be worn on or under your socks. The cushion arch support will then conform to your feet and provide you the maximum comfort.

Cleaning instructions: Hand wash with mild soap and water. Rinse it well and let it air dry. For longer product life DO NOT machine wash, tumble dry or dry clean.

Package includes: 1 pair / 2 pcs Extra Thick Cushioned Compression Arch Support with More Padded Comfort for Flat and Achy Feet in a sealed polybag.

Reviews (5)

5 reviews for Aero Cushion Plantar Fasciitis Arch Supports

  1. Amazon Customer

    Like another review, I was a bit skeptical, but as soon as I put these on, my feet felt so much better! I tend to go barefoot or wear flip-flops around the house and wear sandals most of the summer for work, so my naturally high arches were not supported and I now see that’s the source of a really bad case of plantar fasciitis. These immediately helped and I wear them all the time now, even under my cute sandals. I have a tiny foot so they are actually a bit big and want to slip a bit (although they say they’re best over socks, I’m not going to wear socks with my sandals). But even so, the gel pad still stays where needed and feel so comfy! My only wish/suggestion to the manufacturer would be to make these in more neutral or various flesh tones so they could be used more discreetly with sandals. But I’m glad I read the other reviews and bought the six pack, because these will be a part of my every day routine from now on!

  2. Jim

    How can something so small give so much relief? No idea how, but glad I found this product. It gives comfortable arch support.

  3. Katelyn Hamming

    I wasn’t sure if this product work actually help but it did. I put them on every morning and my feet do not hurt nearly as bad. They could use another row of stitching around the edges but only because after (a lot) is washing they are just folding up a bit. They band has not stretched out and once it’s on my feet, they don’t move or slide down.

  4. TriciB

    I pruchase these to help with a fallen arch due to pregnancy. I must say they have alleviated some back pain/pressure that I was feeling recently. I’ve tried wearing them all day however after a few hours they start to feel really tight on the top of my foot. I’ve only worn them in the house with socks & slippers. There’s no size (not sure if it is one size fits all) but I may have to try them while wearing flats to walk & see how they feel as well.

  5. Brad nivens

    I bought these to help with plantar fasciitis. They are better than nothing but didn’t truly help.

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