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Advance Immune Defense Complex

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Think About It:

You lock your car. You lock your house. So don’t leave your most valuable possession — your health — unsecured. Fortify your immune defense and effectively lock out harmful invaders with Advanced Immune Defense Complex.
You may remember a time when “getting sick” meant hugging a bowl of chicken soup and missing a day or two of work. It was never fun, but you got through it. As the world grows more complex, though, so too do the diseases we fight, and their long-term effects are a big unknown. That’s why we created Advanced Immune Defense Complex. While the science may be sophisticated, the idea is simple: lock down your cells so the infections can’t get inside.

It’s Simple:

The key is L-lysine, an essential amino acid that can inhibit harmful vectors from attaching to your cells. Whether it’s a cold, herpes, or something more serious, the unwanted visitors are turned away at the door and told to leave. But L-lysine doesn’t stop there. It can also block other amino acids that infections normally use to multiply, and, as a building block protein, can also promote healing and obstruct stress response receptors. It’s the four-sided guardian of your immune system, the barrier between you and a hacking cough or an embarrassing cold sore.
Like any good security system, our powerful formula includes a second line of defense: humic acid, a plant-based detoxifier that acts by enveloping any invading bodies so they’re rendered virtually harmless. It’s like your immune system’s natural extinguisher, putting out fires before they do any damage. As with L-lysine, your body doesn’t produce humic acid on its own, so Advanced Immune Defense Complex supplies what your immune system needs, keeping you feeling your best. When you protect yourself, you protect those around you, as well.


Is it the flu… or something worse? If you’re properly fortified, it doesn’t matter. Advanced Immune Defense Complex can help neutralize the threat before you even know it’s there, so illness never gets a chance to rob you of your time or your well-being.

Product Overview

  • Advanced Immune Defense Complex can block foreign bodies from attaching to your cells while also neutralizing them so they can no longer attack.
  • A natural combination of the essential amino acid L-lysine and the plant-based antioxidant humic acid.
  • Also has healing, anti-inflammatory and anti-stress properties.
  • Works as a safe, powerful support for your immune system.



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Reviews (5)

5 reviews for Advance Immune Defense Complex

  1. Strphen C. Johnson

    We were so grateful for our timely order of the “Immune Defense” capsules. Our friend, who is a nurse, recommended them, after doctors in the hospital where she worked gave specific recommendations for nutrients to possibly help prevent Covid-19, or at least help them to be less severe. It was what they gave patients who had been admitted to the hospital. “Immune Defense” matched the specifications almost perfectly. We started taking them as soon as our shipment arrived, and tested Covid positive only two days later. We started out with pretty serious cold symptoms, and braced for them to get much worse. All of the other family members who had tested positive had gotten very serious symptoms, and kept warning us that it was going to get much worse. It has been two weeks, now, and we feel pretty close to 100% better. We keep asking each other “Do you feel sick?” The answer for both of us continues to be, “NO!” Everyone may not have the same experience as we did with “Immune Defense,” but we highly recommend that you at least give them a try. What do you have to lose? I feel especially fortunate because I have auto-immune diseases, and literally was afraid that I would die if I got Covid. I am alive! I plan on continuing to take “Immune Defense.” At this point, I wouldn’t be without it.

  2. Trevor

    It’s a solid product, i used to buy almost all 8 of these vitamins individually, so it’s nice to have a all in one product. Also I’m impressed at how quick my order arrived. Will definitely order again!

  3. Liza D.

    I am recovering from COVID, And some immune boosting vitamins were recommended to me, and they all happened to be in this one capsule! Plus more. I read the reviews and they were all very positive so I decided to go for it, and I am very pleased!

  4. BrandyL

    Feeling like this product is really giving me the immune boost I need during these stressful times.

  5. Kindle Customer

    We purchased these vitamins to help aid our immune system against the current illnesses invading our area. These are working great. My husband had surgery in his foot and the surgeon was amazed at how quickly his wound is healing . He has never healed this quickly before. He hasn’t even needed an antibiotic.

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