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Adjustable Mouth Guard For Sleep Apnea & Bruxism & Teeth Grinding

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Are you struggling to get a good night’s sleep? 

Do you suffer from sleep apnea, constant snoring, or excessive teeth grinding when you sleep? 
If you’re looking for a solution to your sleep problems, then the Adjustable Mouth Guard For Teeth Grinding, Bruxism, and Sleep Apnea may just be the thing you need. Made from Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), this adjustable mouth guard is designed to fit everyone and is safe to wear while sleeping. 


So what exactly does this mouth guard do? 

By pushing your lower jaw slightly forward and allowing for regular air intake, this mouthguard will treat your sleep apnea, bruxism, or excessive snoring so that you can breathe normally with uninterrupted sleep. 
Similar to a CPAP Machine that treats sleep apnea, this mouthguard regulates the flow of oxygen into your airways so that you can sleep through the night. The only difference is this: there are no wires and hoses that will cause discomfort, stuffy nose, or dry mouth. 

sleep apnea mouthpiece


  • Opens the upper airway to improve breathing and promote sleep 
  • Cushions teeth against clenching to prevent teeth grinding 
  • Treats the cause of excessive and unhealthy snoring 
  • Allows you to sleep in any position 
  • Promotes longer and better quality sleep 
  • Small and compact case that prevents the mouthguard from touching any bacteria and surfaces


Not getting enough quality sleep can be detrimental to your overall health and wellbeing. Think about it. The quality and outcome of your day depend on the quality of your rest at night. Do you want to wake up feeling tired, sleep-deprived, and unmotivated or do you want to wake up feeling recharged, refreshed, and ready to take on the day? 
So, what are you waiting for? 
Give yourself or a loved one the gift of a good night’s sleep with our Adjustable Mouth Guard For Teeth Grinding, Bruxism, and Sleep Apnea today!


Instructions for use: 
  • Add boiling water (212°F / 100°C) into a bowl 
  • Put the mouthguard in the water for about 25 seconds 
  • Take it out and let it cool 
  • Place it in your mouth for 30 seconds and then bite on it 
  • Put it into cold water until it is stiff 
  • Take it out of the cold water, and you can start using it 
  • If the impressions do not fit or are not comfortable, take it out and re-do the process until it is comfortable to wear 
  • The lower part has 3 adjustable levels; adjust to a level that you are comfortable with
  • Once it is comfortably fitted, you can begin wearing it to sleep 
Reviews (9)

9 reviews for Adjustable Mouth Guard For Sleep Apnea & Bruxism & Teeth Grinding

  1. John Carter

    The results have been amazing. Here is recording on snore labs. I’ve been using similar mouthpieces for the last few years. This is a great design, affordable and durable. I will be buying again. Good stuff.

  2. Daniel Peterson

    I have been off and on snoring for the last 4 years, mostly dependent on how much weight I gain or lose. My wife and I have been sleeping apart for the last 2 years. We have been taking turns sleeping on the couch. Needless to say, it has been a significant strain on our marriage. I have been planning on losing weight to essentially solve the problem, but haven’t committed the time and dedication.
    Anyways, I heard about this product from one of my patients and thought I would give it a try. Two words, life changing! It took about 3 days to adjust to it, but I am officially snore-free now. My wife are sleeping together again, and she says she has not heard one peep. I was very skeptical at first, but it honestly has improved my sleeping and my marriage.
    The picture shows the bottom jaw protrusion setting for me, 6mm, although the device can go up to 10 mm I believe. A few caveats…
    This will make you drool (if you’re a side sleeper) and sleep with your mouth slightly open, and it takes a few hours for your teeth to feel like they move back into their normal position in the morning.
    A few tips…
    I recommend fitting the mouthpiece at least twice, as I feel it took me two times for it to better conform to my teeth/mouth. Also, I used my fingers to mold the mouthpiece and that seemed help it fit more comfortably than just biting down.
    All and all, this is worth every penny. I will be recommending this to my family and patients.

  3. Eduardo Rastogi

    I just got this pair of bite guards. The set up was extremely easy. They feel comfortable, but I will try tonight and I’ll post an update.

    Update: Incredible! It worked on the first try. The key is to get the lower part over the top. Almost like a little over bite. This makes sense anatomically since moving the lower jaw forward causes to open the airway naturally. Awesome!

  4. Jason Roderick

    Absolutely do not pass this up if you’re looking to quiet a loud snorer!! My wife doesn’t kick me during the night, I don’t wake up tired with a dry mouth, and my house doesn’t shake from the snoring. Four of my best friends are now using it w/ the same results.

  5. Jenna Melis

    A picture is worth a 1,000 words. These screen shots are from a snore lab app that tracks and records. I had no concept of how much, or how badly I was snoring. Completely unaware until my polite partner started wearing earplugs to bed.
    I have tried many things over the years and in desperation I ordered this. I was hopeful due to so many positive reviews, and now I see why!
    This is not the most comfortable thing in the world to wear. But I suppose learning to sleep with a device in your mouth would be difficult no matter what. It does take some practice. One screen shot you can see low volume, then halfway through, big spikes. That was a night I had taken it out in my sleep. I was shocked to see proof right in front of me of it’s effectiveness! I am getting more accustomed to sleeping with it and so my results are steadily improving.
    An inexpensive investment I my health. I am pleased with this purchase!

  6. Max turner

    Have been using for almost a week now. Has
    made a huge difference in my sleep. I’m now able to sleep through the night.. and my snoring no longer disturbs my partner. It shrinks down considerably when mounding, and fits fine in my mouth. I am able to close my mouth when using. I have ordered a second one as a backup, as I cannot go without it.

  7. Eric Goodell

    This product works great for me. My snoring has stopped and it prevents my teeth grinding. My only tiny complaint is that when I order for the free complimentary unit they offer, they send the “Pro”. The Pro I didn’t like. It makes me snore and is awkward. I prefer the regular.

  8. Henry Thomas

    After using this mouthpiece, the snoring is gone, and I don’t get woken up by stuffed animals being thrown at my head for keeping my wife and young daughter awake.

  9. Alysia Stone

    I was diagnosed with mild sleep apnea and because of this I was told to consider a dental appliance which is NOT covered under insurance and is quite expensive. I figured I would try an alternative to a formal device and decided on this one. Also this one looks a lot like the model my dentist showed me with the bit adjustments. So far so good. It has worked really well and my sleep quality is much better. I actually feel rested in the morning which I haven’t had in a long time. This mouthpiece is easy to mold and fits well to my bite. I have a smaller mouth and have to open wide to get it in my mouth but it’s not a big deal. I am going to buy one for my mom because my dad snores loudly and she loses lots of sleep🤪

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