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Acupressure Reflexology Socks w/ Massage Stick

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Reflexology Simplified

In Reflexology, when you apply pressure to certain pressure points, it can help your body achieve therapeutic benefits and healthy feet.  With our Acupressure Reflexology socks, you’re able to easily find the reflex points on your feet that can help alleviate pain and improve your overall body health.


All of the Reflexology zones are clearly identified so it’s easy to understand which organs correspond to the pressure points on the feet.
Just massage over the acupressure points to start feeling the results.
These reflexology socks help reduce aches and pain, increase circulation and increase energy level.


Material: High Quality Cotton
Size: One Size fits all



Reviews (4)

4 reviews for Acupressure Reflexology Socks w/ Massage Stick

  1. nimaweise

    This is a great buy!
    I cannot believe how much laughers my family burst into after I put those on. My son made 2 bucks for massaging my foot! Really nice. Highly recommended.

  2. viviansi

    This pair of socks are comfortable with separate toes.

    I am glad that the print is in English. The reflexology zone chart in the package is very thoughful: it’s a lot easier to read from your hands than from your feet. And it will last longer than the prints on the socks.
    In general, I am pretty happy with the purchase.

  3. buffalo14

    This is an brilliant idea to combine socks and reflexology chart with so much information in such an organized way.
    I have been using this socks for 2 weeks, and so far i really liked it.

  4. Emily

    These are cool socks. I like how the reflexology pieces are easy to wash. They have great customer service.

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