Our Mission

Health Is Happiness

We believe that anytime you uncap a bottle of AraxiaOne, you open yourself to a state of wellness, a state where nothing holds you back from enjoying all the things that fill your busy life. When you feel stronger, more energetic and more alert, that’s you at your best. That’s you, happy.

It All Started With One Idea

AraxiaOne was founded in response to a question: how can we maintain our health when faced with declining air quality, fewer nutrients in our food from soil degradation and potentially toxic chemicals in so many of the products we use? The answer came from our chief pharmacist, Bill Watson, who — with a persistence learned from being raised in a family of medical professionals — ultimately cut through the complex issue using a simple formula: take the best natural ingredients and find their optimal combinations. It’s a formula that’s supported our own families for years. Now, we hope it’ll support yours.

You Are Not Alone…

Maintaining your health is your most important job — too important to do alone. That’s why we’ve made it our job to help you thrive, giving you more time to appreciate all that a healthy life has to offer. When you just feel right, it puts your body and your mind at contented ease. That’s as close as we can get to bottling happiness itself.